Hexa News

11.07.2012: Hexa Progress Update #7
We are excited to announce that the K500 Premier Edition is in the final stages of production and will ship in early January. (more)

09.27.2012: Hexa Progress Update #6
We are pleased to present the production caseback design for the K500 Premier Edition. (more)

08.24.2012: Hexa Progress Update #5
K500 Movements have arrived! (more)

07.25.2012: Hexa Progress Update #4
All K500's will include a set of solid end-links at no additional charge. (more)

06.06.2012: Hexa Watches Announces Strap Project Vol.1
Hexa Watches is giving away five one-of-a-kind handmade straps (more)

05.13.2012: Hexa K500 Production and Pre-Sale Update
We recently received the prototype, and are very pleased with the quality and fit of the watch. We have included a list of revisions for production and an image illustrating these updates (more)

05.03.2012: Hexa K500 Prototype - Exclusive Reveal at Oceanic Time
After many months and countless hours of design and development, It is with great pleasure that we share the following exclusive introduction of the K500 prototype on Oceanic Time (more)

02.18.2012: K500 Dial
K500 Dial Spy Shot: Oceanic Time (more)

02.07.2012: Hexa Progress Update #3
K500 PROTOTYPE PROGRESS REPORT: Prototype Delivery Expected in March (more)

11.21.2011: An important Announcement from Hexa Watches
In the interest of producing the K500 in a reasonable amount of time, we have decided to use the SII NE15/SEIKO 6R15 movement for this model (more)

10.31.2011: Hexa Progress Update #2
We are pleased to report that engineering has been completed for the K500 prototype. We look forward to showing off the
the K500 in the metal (more)

09.13.2011: Hexa Progress Update #1
A spy shot of the K500 case (no bezel) in plastic on an orange test strap (more)

08.22.2011: An Exclusive Sneak Peek of the Hexa K500 Premier Edition
Head over to the watchuseek.com dive forum to check out a detailed introduction to the Hexa K500 Premier Edition (more)