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Built to withstand the demands of seafaring gentlemen, the Hexa K500 Watch ($600-$700) wears its ruggedness on its sleeve. (more)

Hexa Watches is giving away five super-cool, one-of-a-kind handmade straps to celebrate the launch of its new K500 Premier Edition watch (more)

Watch label Hexa release a premier edition of their K500 model. The diving watch carries some of the watch world’s best hardware to back it in harsh conditions, setting out to be an ultimate mechanical diving and maritime timepiece. (more)

Bold and utilitarian, the Hexa K500 is a new dive watch with strong styling coupled with some of the watch world's best hardware to back it. (more)

Watch brand Hexa has presented their new offering, the "Hexa K500" is a beautifully crafted mechanical dive watch with an emphasis on utility. (more)

Hexa set out to create the ultimate mechanical diving and maritime watch. The K500 answers that challenge with its mix of unique design features and battle-tested materials. (more)

That’s right – the fine folks over at Hexa are running a contest to allow you to win a free custom strap.  Interested?  I thought so… (more)

Hexa K500 Prototype preview by TLex. (more)

Watchuseek is delighted to give its readers a world exclusive – the official launch of the HEXA K500 Premier Edition Divers Watch, an awesome new diver’s watch. (more)